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We render set of process that detail best practices based on standards to enable and optimize IT services in order to satisfy business requirements and manage the IT infrastructure both tactically and strategically.

Laptop Motherboard

The motherboard is the central circuit board of your computer. All other components and peripherals plug into it, and the job of the motherboard is to relay information between them all. >Read more

Laptop Keyboard

It is impossible to work on a laptop that has inoperable, broken, or sticky laptop keys. Let Broken Laptop Repair replace your laptop key board and make it feel like new again. Laptop and notebook keyboards are available for all major brands. >Read more

Laptop Harddisk

The data recovery experts analyze the laptop hard drive for the cause of failure. After they figure out the nature of failure, which may be logical (due to software issues) or physical (due to hardware issues). A recovery plan is prepared and applied to achieve finest data recovery. The user is informed about the issue and percentage of data recoverable. The data recovery experts make sure that the original data is never compromised in any way. Once the data is completely recovered from the damaged hard drive, it is stored and returned to the user in the storage media of his choice. >Read more

Laptop Enclouser repair

The portability of a laptop is makes it convenient to use, but often causes extra wear and tear on the unit. If your either laptop lid, notebook lid, laptop cover, notebook cover, laptop bottom case or notebook bottom case looks a little "beat up" with scratches, dents or cracks, we can get your unit looking like new again. >Read more

Laptop Battery & Adapters

Occasionally the power switch assembly on a laptop will break, which means the user cannot power up or use the laptop! If your have a broken laptop power button, Broken Laptop Repair can help. We can replace the broken power switch assembly and have you back up and running in no time. >Read more

Laptop External Drives

The CD/DVD drive on your laptop is necessary for loading programs, playing DVDs and CDs, copying files and more. If your CD/DVD drive is not reading, writing or performing the tasks it was meant to do, we can replace the drive so you can use the laptop to its full capacity. >Read more

LCD Panel

If the display on your laptop is broken or cracked Broken Laptop Repair will fix it for you. We have both new and used replacement LCD displays for the most popular laptop brands simply be corrected by replacing the inverter. >Read more

Laptop DC Jack

Broken, loose and non-working power jacks and power plugs are common problems for laptop users. If your laptop won't power up, charge up, only runs on battery, or shuts itself off, chances are you need to have the power jack replaced. >Read more

Touch Pad

The touchpad is the pointing device on your laptop that controls the cursor on the screen. It is used instead of a mouse for pointing and clicking. You may also know the laptop touchpad as the laptop trackpad or laptop mousepad. If your laptop palm rest or notebook palm rest (the area around the trackpad and below the keyboard) is cracked, we can replace that for you too. >Read more

Product Range services

We render set of process that detail best practices based on standards to enable and optimize IT services in order to satisfy business requirements and manage the IT infrastructure both tactically and strategically. >Read more

Laptop Motherboard Chip Level Servicing

  • We are experts in offering quality motherboard chip level repair services for various laptops. We have been engaged in providing chip level service for many reputed clients across Chennai. Our engineers are immensely experienced in conducting flawless laptop motherboard chip level services to enhance clients’ productivity and efficiency.
  • We offer these chip level motherboard services at competitive prices as compared to other service providers in the market. We render motherboard chip level services for laptops of all brands.

>Read more

Broken Laptop Reworks

We are a reputed name in providing broken laptop reworking services. We are competent to offer entire laptop troubleshooting services as per clients’ needs. Our perfect laptop services are highly appreciated by many government and private organizations across Chennai. We make every effort to provide our client with suitable laptop repairing services that fits to clients’ budget. >Read more

LCD Reworking

We offer complete and thorough LCD repairing services at suitable prices, while making no compromise on quality of the services. Our professionals are highly qualified to assist customers by handling laptop LCD repair work to ensure minimum down time. We are specialists in fixing all sorts of problems with LCD's failures at reasonable charges. >Read more

Software Installations

We are a technologically driven enterprise possessing expertise in computer software installations. We install software such as Windows XP, Vista, and other latest and new generation software for many clients. Our software installation services are available for laptops of all make and models. >Read more

Laptop Space Replacement Accessories

We are a one stop source for all types of laptop spare replacements and accessories for all makes and brands of laptops. Our durable and efficient laptop spare parts are in high demands among various clients. These laptop replacement parts are of high quality and compatible for all systems. We also offer an array of branded laptop accessories as per customers’ demands and specifications. Our team of service engineers makes sure that our laptop spares and accessories fit to the budget of our esteemed clients. >Read more

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